Events - Mar 2018


TMAC Manufacturing Supervisor Certification Program | SOLD OUT!

The Supervisor Certification curriculum targets firstline supervisors at manufacturing facilities with a comprehensive overview of supervisory principles. With a strong emphasis on continuous improvement, job instruction, employee relations, problem solving, and effective communication, the course teaches students the interpersonal strategies to become a productive and respected supervisor. 

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March Luncheon | Mason Arnold, Founder and President of Veggie Noodle Co

Join us March 22 for our luncheon featuring a keynote from Mason Arnold, Founder and President of Veggie Noodle Co, a rapidly growing company that processes high-end organic produce into noodle shaped food ready to cook. The two year old  company has established a national footprint with distribution in major supermarkets across the country and surpassed $40 million annual revenue. They currently employ 200+ people and expect to continue the fast paced growth. Arnold will discuss his experience in the food industry, including previous success building Greenling, and some of the challenges Veggie Noodle overcame to successfully manufacture their products in Austin, Texas. 

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