Content from TMAC: Roadmap To CMMC NIST Compliance Webinar (62161)

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Roadmap to CMMC and NIST 800-171 Compliance Webinar


TMAC can help companies navigate the maze of mandatory requirements for contractors and suppliers working with the Department of Defense. During this webinar, learn how TMAC assists organizations in preparing for their journey toward NIST 800-171 and CMMC compliance and certification by:


1.   Analyzing readiness and determining CMMC certification level needed

2.   Previewing TMAC-developed analytical tools and templates geared towards meeting data requirements for CMMC certification 

3.   Calculating, improving and reporting NIST Score 880-171 Score (SPRS)

4.   Preparing a comprehensive plan for audit and certification


In addition to assisting in achieving compliance, TMAC has several grants for qualified organizations to help offset some of the costs associated with preparing a cybersecurity plan. All available grants will be covered during the webinar.



TMAC is the official representative of the MEP National Network in the state of Texas. TMAC partners with businesses to enhance their productivity and accelerates profitable growth by developing and improving products, processes, people and technology. Visit to learn more.

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