Harnessing Emotional Intelligence for Business Performance and Employee Accountability

November 08, 2023 -

The Neuroleadership Advantage
Harnessing Emotional Intelligence for Business Performance and Employee Accountability

We all know by now that most people quit a job because of their boss. Specifically, a bad relationship with their boss that results in their needs not getting met at work. And we also know how difficult it can be to create an environment of personal responsibility at work, and how it ultimately comes down to the leaders. But how do you know if the leaders in your company are making people want to quit, or want to give it their all?

Participants take one quick and painless assessment before the session in order to gain maximum awareness of the unique dynamics and growth areas in their leadership team’s social-emotional skills and a clear sense of how any weaknesses are impacting the ‘people problems’ in the company. How do you think your leadership team will add up?

This highly engaging, humorous, practical workshop restores hope and confidence for the attendees. By understanding exactly where your leaders are at in the 5 domains of social-emotional functioning and how it’s impacting your business, participants are armed with powerful, tailored goals and next steps at the end of the workshop.

We also cover the top 4 mistakes leaders make that disengage employees and make them stop caring, and how to shift the trend in your company.

Leave this workshop with a tailored plan to bolster yourself and your company against the insidious powers of overwhelm, blame, and frustration.

“Working with emotional intelligence has transformed the way I see the world, and the way I lead at work. I have a totally different perspective on my challenges, and how I want to be in the workplace and at home.” – Denise B., COO


  • Understand the unique emotional-social strengths and deficits for leaders in your company.
  • Gain massive awareness of how the dysfunctional tendencies of leaders are impacting employee performance, engagement and retention using a simple lens of behavioral psychology.
  • Identify if your company is accidentally, actively disengaging employees with the top 4 behaviors that leaders do that make their teams stop caring.
  • Learn a powerful hack to reroute from the three derailment paths of leaders that result in dysfunction and disengagement.
  • Leave with 2-3 tailored, powerful action steps to begin to immediately address the emotional and social skills gaps on your leadership team!

    Workshop Details
    When - Wednesday, November 8th
    8:30am - 12:30pm (light breakfast and lunch included)
    Where - TBD North Austin
    Cost - $250 ARMA/SAMA Members, $300 Non-Members

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