Mfg Day 2020

October 02, 2020 -

ARMA promotes manufacturing jobs to high school students and adults to address workforce shortages.

In celebration of Manufacturing Day 2020, ARMA hosted virtual events, including panel discussions with NXP, Applied Materials, and Samsung, for hundreds of students from AISD, PFISD, BISD, and DVISD as part of an effort to raise sector visibility and promote industry to young people in our community. Later this month, we are also excited to host a virtual tour with TESLA as well as a discussion with their team on what it is like to build some of the coolest cars on the road.

Why is this important? ARMA’s recent workforce survey showed that manufacturers are already finding it a challenge to recruit the skilled talent they need to succeed. This challenge will only grow in 2021. A concentrated effort to build more interest in local industry is critical. Fortunately, there is a lot to be proud of. It is easy to get excited about making rockets, or electronics that empower our military, or medical devices that are saving lives. Computer chips made in Central Texas are enabling the latest gadgets and tech in IOT, Autonomous Vehicles, 5G, and cutting-edge instrumentation and communication tools. We must tell these stories. We must give young people a clear pathway to obtain skills that are relevant in these industries.

Progress has been made. ARMA and Austin Community College launched a Manufacturing Academy this year to train area high school juniors and seniors. We have partnered with WFS Capital Area to create rapid training programs that provide basic training in safety, processes, quality, and maintenance. We are working with WFS Rural Area on a website to host video vignettes for people to explore employment opportunities at companies around the region. Our Workforce Committee and Manufacturing Sector Partnership (A joint initiative between WFS Capital Area and ARMA) brings together stakeholders from across the region to address these issues together. You will be encouraged to know that there is a good spirit of collaboration among training providers, the workforce boards, and government officials to make a difference. If you are not involved, we need you at the table. Ask and we can tell you how.

Central Texas is fortunate to have a strong manufacturing sector. Even during the pandemic, it has remained a primary driver of our economy. So it is in recognition of this sector’s contributions to the community that we hope everyone takes a moment to appreciate manufacturers. Happy Manufacturing Day.

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ARMA is a trade association focused on strengthening the manufacturing community through advocacy, workforce development, and networking. Manufacturers account for 1,700 companies in the area, employee 63,000 people, and contribute over $12.5 billion to the regional economy.

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