Tips and Resources for Coronavirus Preparation

March 06, 2020 -

ARMA continues to monitor the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and the potential disruption it might cause Central Texas Manufacturers. We will release information as it becomes available from the City of Austin Health Response Team and other organizations working on this issue. In the meantime, here are some tips and resources:

1. Determine supply chain disruption risks

  • Contact your key suppliers to learn of potential risks, particularly from parts made in Asia or Italy.
  • Request that suppliers are promptly and proactively communicating any future risks.
  • Begin to identify a plan B if necessary for supplying, should your supply chain gets disrupted

2. Reeducate employees on preventing virus spread

  • Even with the widespread influenza in Texas, it is a good time to provide wellness education through employee training and awareness campaigns. If you would like flyers to distribute to your employees ARMA has some prepared.
  • Review and refresh employment leave policies as appropriate.
  • Monitor travel advisories and take precautions accordingly.
  • Consider if your policies are encouraging sick employees to report to work or if there are social distancing options available for some activities.
  • Consider the risks of travel and potential use of technology to stay connected.

3. Review and revise cleaning schedules for common areas

  • Confirm current state of facility cleaning schedules.
  • Consider increasing the availability of disinfection supplies.
  • Verify that your outside providers are prepared for potential increased demand.
  • Review job hazard assessments and timeliness of training activities.

4. Work with local health professionals

  • Monitor the situation and seek guidance from local professionals as needed.

5. Prompt communication

  • Proactive communication will reduce concerns and uncertainties in others.
  • Encourage good communication with employees.
  • Stand out as a supplier by proactively communicating to your customer what you are doing.
  • Seek current communication from your supply chain to understand potential obstacles.
  • Review current state of cross training employees on critical activities and communicate with your leadership team.

Additional Resources

These information sources and tools might be valuable:

Feel free to contact ARMA directly if we can answer any questions:

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