Weather Updates and County Orders

February 18, 2021 -

ARMA is currently monitoring the weather situation and the potential disruption it might cause Central Texas Manufacturers. We will release information as it becomes available from the City of Austin and other organizations working on this issue. We are working on guidance for when to expect Travis County to rescind the current Order. Continue to monitor this page for updates and resources. For any questions, please feel free to contact us via email at or

See below for the most recent update:

Travis Co is rescinding the orders directed to manufacturers. So you are under no restrictions. There is still a request from other City and County officials to conserve where possible. As you have likely seen, the energy situation is much improved but still not at normal levels.

Water remains the main focus of municipal recovery efforts. As stated in our update last night, most issues are not expected to resolve until next week and the extent of damage will not be clear until a bigger thaw tomorrow. ARMA is expecting a surge in portable toilet use around the region. If you are considering it for your site, I would order it soon.

We have not heard specifics, but there is a chance FEMA might offer some kind of assistance to businesses that have been impacted. We are recommending that you save all receipts and take photos of damage. If they do offer any relief, they will require documentation. If any programs directed toward business become available, we will push information.

Austin Water is now asking residents to conserve water. Some customers are experiencing outages due to frozen water lines and we are seeing increasing instances of boil water notices.

Austin Water operational updates

Natural gas continues to be stable, although Texas Gas Service is calling for conservation as demand is still high.

Texas Gas Service operational updates

The reports of carbon monoxide poisoning are concerning. Please remind your employees and help spread the word to never use gas stovetops, grills, generators, or leave a car running in an enclosed space.

As we gradually begin to thaw, If you experience a water line break and the property-owner cut-off valve does not work or cannot be located, Austin Water is available to turn off water: Austin Water: 512-972-1000

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