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Special Presentation | Knowing Your Costs: Leveraging Cost Accounting to Improve Decision Making

Members Only Event. Bridgepoint Consulting will discuss Leveraging Cost Accounting to Improve Decision Making. 

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TMAC Manufacturing Supervisor Certification Program | SOLD OUT!

The Supervisor Certification curriculum targets firstline supervisors at manufacturing facilities with a comprehensive overview of supervisory principles. With a strong emphasis on continuous improvement, job instruction, employee relations, problem solving, and effective communication, the course teaches students the interpersonal strategies to become a productive and respected supervisor. 

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5th Annual ARMA Golf Tournament | Sponsored by Bank SNB

Mark your calendar. ARMA's 5th Annual Golf Tournament presented by Bank SNB will be on Thursday, May 3rd at Avery Ranch Golf Club. Sponsorships are now open and expect to sell out fast. See below for a list of available sponsorships. Team registration will open on March 1st (registration details will be coming soon). 

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2018 Central Texas Manufacturing Trade Show & Procurement Conference

Save the date for ARMA's 2nd annual Central Texas Manufacturing Trade Show & Procurement Conference. More details coming soon. 

Past Events


Environmental, Health & Safety Seminar | Facilitated by Berg Compliance Solutions

Join us February 20th for a seminar facilitated by OSHA, TCEQ, Berg Compliance Solutions and several prominent law firms. This seminar will cover which environmental, health & safety laws apply to Texas Manufacturers, how to manage them, and the significant liabilities companies face when failing to do so. The presentations will be led by regulatory officials and experts that can answer tough questions and thoroughly explain policy. Special thanks to Berg Compliance Solutions for all their help with organizing and facilitating this seminar.

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Facility Bus Tour (ARMA Members Only) | Sponsored by INSURICA | SOLD OUT!

This year’s tour will visit two heavy weights of regional manufacturing. First stop is ICU Medical, formerly Pfizer/ Hospira. This facility produces 1/3 of the IV bags in the United States. It is a high volume, large operation with significant automation. The second stop is NXP’s premier ATMC fab. Attendees will dress out in bunny suits for a close look at their billion dollar wafer production. We’ll conclude at Celis Brewery, where we will tour their facility and sample some of their hard work.

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TMAC ISO 9001:2015 Transition Workshop

The end of the ISO 9001: 2015 3-year transition period, September 15, 2018, is fast approaching. If you find your transition journey is not yet started, now is the time to take the first step and beat the expected mid-2018 rush to registration.​ 

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Intro to Lean Manufacturing (Facilitated by TMAC)

This overview class provides a solid foundation of lean concepts. Participants begin by manufacturing various assemblies in a traditional manufacturing setting. The results of the first simulation round provide the setting for continuous improvement by applying the lean manufacturing principles. Participants will have the knowledge of understanding the 8 wastes in manufacturing. A mixture of lecture and hands-on simulations will teach lessons in standardized work, workplace organization, visual controls, set-up reduction, batch size reduction, point of use storage, quality at the source, workforce practices, and pull systems.

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January Luncheon | Implications from NAFTA Pull-Out or Renegotiation

Join us January 25 for the first luncheon of the year. Our guest speaker will be Kevin Depew, Director of Thought Leadership for RSM US. The presentation will focus on the 2018 economic outlook, drivers for growth and risk, with a focus on implications from renegotiating or pulling out of NAFTA. Kevin is an Emmy Award-winning writer and producer. Prior to joining RSM, Depew worked in economics for Bloomberg LP, where he helped create the Bloomberg Brief economics newsletter.

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2017 Central Texas Manufacturing Trade Show & Procurement Conference

1st annual ARMA Tradeshow at the Palmer Events Center, sponsored by the Business Bank of Texas. Featuring over 75 vendors showcasing advanced products, capabilities, and services as well as top procurement executives from major OEMS. Drinks and door prizes included!

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ISO9001:2015 Transition Introduction

The ISO 9001:2015 Transition Introduction comprehensive 1-day workshop will introduce the new ISO high-level structure for management system standards (Annex SL) and review the changes between ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 9001:2015. Presenter, Kristin Wheatley, will provide information that will enable participants

to identify the key gaps in their current Quality Management System (QMS) and start planning the transition to the new requirements.

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August Luncheon | John P. Garrett, Founder & CEO of Community Impact Newspaper

Join us Thursday, August 31 for an ARMA Luncheon featuring John P. Garrett, Founder and CEO of the Community Impact Newspaper.

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ISO 9001:2015 Internal Audit Class (facilitated by TMAC)

Learn the fundamentals and applications of ISO 9001 Internal Auditing. This two-day internal auditing course covers the recently revised ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System (QMS) Standard, requirements and auditing techniques.

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Informational Meeting:DoD Grant Dollars Available to Defense Suppliers and Subs | Manufacturers Only

The Department of Defense has allocated grant dollars to help defense suppliers  (including subs) that have seen a decrease in defense related work find new opportunities.  You would be eligible even if your business has increased production but specific defense contracts or sub work for defense contractors has decreased. The reason for the grant is to make sure potential suppliers develop new business to retain their capabilities.  

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TMAC Manufacturing Supervisor Certification Program | SOLD OUT!

The Supervisor Certification curriculum targets firstline supervisors at manufacturing facilities with a comprehensive overview of supervisory principles. With a strong emphasis on continuous improvement, job instruction, employee relations, problem solving, and effective communication, the course teaches students the interpersonal strategies to become a productive and respected supervisor.

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ARMA Lean Plant Tour at Voltabox of Texas

Voltabox of Texas is hosting the February ARMA Lean Plant tour at their new facility in Leander on the 28th at 2pm for manufacturer members. This event is open for ARMA Manufacturer Members only.

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January Luncheon | Catherine Morse, Samsung Semiconductor

Join us Thursday, January 19th to kick off the 2017 ARMA Luncheon Series with Catherine Morse from Samsung. As General Counsel and Director of Public Affairs, she has been an instrumental part of the leadership team for their $13.5 Billion fab. She will speak to the current state of the industry, Samsung's plans for Austin, and a new focus on workforce. 

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Speaker Luncheon | Tamara Atkinson, Director of Capital Area Workforce Solutions

Join us Thursday September 29th for our luncheon featuring the new executive director of  Workforce Solutions (WFS ) Capital Area Workforce Board, Tamara Atkinson. WFS Capital Area is the leadership and governing body for the regional workforce system.

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Employment Law Seminar

Join us September 13th for the ARMA Employment Law Seminar facilitated by Tonia Lucio and Jim Howicz of the Law Firm Richards, Rodriguez and Skeith.  This half-day event will provide you and your managers with helpful information on a variety of critical issues impacting companies. 

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Speaker Luncheon | Dr. Thomas Edgar, Chair of Engineering at University of Texas at Austin

Join us Wednesday, August 24th for our luncheon featuring Dr. Thomas Edgar. Dr. Edgar is Professor of Chemical Engineering at the University of Texas at Austin and Director of the UT Energy Institute. He is also co-founder of the Smart Manufacturing Leadership Coalition, which developed a research roadmap to address smart, zero-emission, energy-efficient manufacturing. He will speak on the work of this coalition to drive performance through technology and automation.

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High Performance Hiring Strategies | Members Only Presentation

Using stories and examples, this engaging and highly interactive session will provide you with actionable information that you can use to make immediate improvements to your recruiting and hiring strategies and processes.

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Corrective Action & Focus on Root Cause | Members Only Presentation

Join us on July 28 for a special presentation on Corrective Action lead by Kristin Wheatley with TMAC. As plant manager for over 15 years, Kristin addresses errors and quality issues for several companies and developed a consistent, effective approach. The talk will focus on: Corrective Action and how it is different from simply correcting a problem, Root Cause Analysis, a brief overview of tools and methodologies, Corrective Action's place in a Quality Management System, Why is it so hard?

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Leadership to Sustain Lean presented by AME and Buildasign

This workshop deals with leadership at the behavioral level, giving participants the opportunity to practice behaviors that sustain lean practices, plus help them lead others to do the same.

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Town Hall with Congressman McCaul | Members Only

Join us for a special manufacturing focused discussion with Congressman McCaul, Chairman of the Department of Homeland Security. This is a members only event and an important opportunity for us to share thoughts and concerns with our elected leaders.

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Speaker Luncheon | Cordell Bennigson, Former CEO of Durcon

A former Marine Pilot and CEO of a manufacturing plant, Cordell Bennigson will address leadership, overcoming obstacles, and accomplishing the mission. Register now: http://arma-effective-leadership.eventbrite.com


Employment Law Seminar

Join us to examine the top issues facing manufacturers in employment law. Register here: http://arma-law-seminar.eventbrite.com


Speaker Luncheon | The Future of Automation and Robotics

Join us for our speaker luncheon featuring Paul Evans, Director of Automation and Robitics Dvision at SwRI. The presentation will focus on the present and future of automation in manufacturing. Register here: http://arma-swri.eventbrite.com


Luncheon: Larry Weis, GM of Austin Energy

Register now: http://arma-ae.eventbrite.com 


Luncheon: Jason Bohrer, Sr VP at HID Global

Register now: http://arma-hid.eventbrite.com


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1st Annual Executive Dinner

We are pleased to host Steve Patterson, Athletic Director for UT at this special event for top executivies of area manufacturers.  ARMA thanks it's headline sponsor, Oxford Commercial, for making the evening possible.


Luncheon: Mayoral Forum

Join us for a forum with the top mayoral candidates in Austin. Steve Adler, Sheryl Cole, and Mike Martinez will present their ideas on the challenges and solutions facing Austin. There will be a moderated discussion as well as open Q&A. Register now: http://arma-debate.eventbrite.com.