Now more than ever, ARMA can make a difference for manufacturers. The investment in membership dues delivers value through advocacy, workforce development, and networking. The Association’s activities include:

  • Representation: Monitor and influence the activities of the Austin City Council, City of Austin Utilities and their staffs, plus other regulatory agencies, such as the Texas Commission On Environmental Quality, for productive changes in ordinances, regulations and utility rates.
  • Educational Opportunities: Workshops, seminars, and plant tours will provide an opportunity to expand technical expertise and share best practices.
  • Networking: Monthly luncheons and Evening Mixers, special interest groups, sporting tournaments, and charity events will be designed to foster meaningful networking of our membership.
  • Issue Awareness: Review various media sources to keep members advised of rules and regulations that affect industry.
  • Problem Solving: Various committees will be established to give members a means of addressing pressing  issues such as workforce development, energy management, and sustainability.
  • Committees: Committees in Workforce, Energy, Lean Practioners, Membership/Sponsorship, Programs, and Special Events

Membership Dues

Membership is composed of manufacturers, (Manufacturering Member), as well as those who provide a product or service for manufacturing (Affiliate Member).

Manufacturer Membership

Dues are based on Full and Part Time permanent employees in the Austin area. Temporary employees, who work seasonally for a company and not hired on a permanent basis, will not be considered in the assessment of dues. Applications are subject to approval by the Board of Directors.

Annual Dues

1-10 $200/year
11-50 $250/year
51-150  $325/year
151-300 $400/year
301-400 $500/year
401+ $750/year

Affiliate Membership

Dues are based on a flat fee of $750. Applications are subject to approval by the Board of Directors. ARMA is requesting at this time that all affiliate applicants recruit two manufacturing members before joining. This helps grow the organization and ensures that ARMA maintains a healthy balance of membership types.


Stakeholder Membership

Governmental organizations and institutes of education can join for a flat fee of $500. Applicants are subject to Board Approval.