Improving Company Culture | 2-Day Workshop

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High Performance Leadership - Creating a Culture of Empowerment and Accountability


How do you create a culture of accountability and high performance, while inspiring commitment and engagement? 

What are the best, proven practices for team leadership, and how do you know where to focus?


Getting results from others is the hardest work on the planet. Many of us were promoted from roles of individual contributors in to roles of leadership, without adequate training, knowledge, tools and supports. This 2-Day Workshop is a highly interactive crash-course in the proven practices that engage teams, inspire commitment, and help them leap to the next level of results. 

Using a fast-paced, activity-filled format, facilitator Meg Poag applies her own executive leadership experience and expertise in organizational development to help participants apply proven principles in workplace leadership to the real-life challenges they face. Bring your struggles and areas of confusion and frustration, and walk out with concrete strategies and tools to change the trajectory of your team and build your skills and confidence as a leader!


Workshop Objectives:

Increase understanding of proven principles of high performance leadership and apply to individual work environments
Increase skills and confidence in team leadership - creating a highly accountable, engaged and inspired team 
Learn to use a proven team development tool, the Team Charter
Build skills in interpersonal and team leadership, including strategies to empower higher performance, coaching, delegation, effective communication, and leading teams through change
Apply skills, principles and tools to the unique situations and challenges of workshop participants to ensure relevance and understanding
Leave workshop with an action-plan to improve your team's performance and continue to develop your leadership skills



“Our team is thinking much more critically about how we can collaborate better with each other to get better results.”

“We are having more critical conversations instead of avoiding difficult feelings and dynamics in our relationships”

“I feel much more clear on where to focus and how grow my team.”

“We’ve shifted from a crisis-orientation to being more strategic, so the stress level is way down on the entire team.”


Class Details

Monday, November 5th and Tuesday, November 6th

8:00am to 5:00pm

Dynamic Manufacturing Solutions | 600 Center Ridge Drive, Suite 100, Austin 78753

Breakfast and Lunch will be provided for both sessions


$450 ARMA Member - Single Registration

$395 ARMA Member - Mulitple Registrations (2 or more)

$590 Non-Member 


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