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How leaders unknowingly sabotage their own results in times of stress… and what to do about it!

Resiliency, Emotional and Social Intelligence, and Stress-induced dysfunction

What ACTUALLY creates resiliency? How and why do resilient leaders and teams navigate uncertainty better than less resilient teams? How can you, as a leader, improve the individual and group resiliency of your team members? The first half of this session will provide context and research-based principles in resiliency and emotional intelligence, understanding the impact of stress on brain functioning and social interactions, and will teach specific strategies to improve resiliency. Participants will leave the workshop with clarity and confidence in improving their own resiliency and a plan to effectively improve the resiliency of themselves and their teams.

The second part of the workshop focuses in on emotion and stress and its impact on social dysfunction. Your most vital asset as a leader is the quality of the relationships you have with your team members, peers and stakeholders. Trust is the foundation those relationships are built on, yet most of us have very limited understanding of how trust actually works, and how it is eroded, built or sustained. Many leaders lack the knowledge to understand what they can proactively do to build, rebuild and sustain the trusting relationships needed to support our team members. And unfortunately, stress heightens the exact instincts in us that lead us to erode trust in our relationships. Participants will learn the behavioral psychology of trust, the influence of stress on relationships, understand their role in relationships, and specific behaviors that leaders exhibit that are counterproductive or even harmful when they think they’re doing the right thing. Participants will also leave with a clear, simple plan to immediately and effectively get their relationships back on track, and avoid violations of trust in the future.


This session will be taugh by Meg Poag with Mission Squared. Meg is a visionary, proven leader in both local and national arenas, passionate about empowering other leaders to drive change, get better results, and solve organizations' most complex problems. Meg integrates her personal success as an executive with her passion and talent for transforming other leaders to achieve a track-record of successful executive clients and organizational leaders in non-profit and for-profit sectors. She loves sparking transformation and inspiring other leaders through her work with clients, writing, University teaching, and speaking engagements at national conferences and gatherings of leaders. Learn more about Mission Squared here

Event Details

When - Wednesday, December 2nd, 2:00pm to 4:00pm

Where - Zoom

Registration - Free session, register here

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