Top Three Areas for LTL and Parcel Contract Expense Improvement Now

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Join us on Tuesday November 10th at 2:00 pm for a webinar facilitated by Chris Franzen of Broussard Logistics and Dave Sullivan of Shipware. We will learn from ARMA proven veterans about the overall current state of affairs in the transportation industry in relation to manufacturing and the impact of carrier rate increases resulting from COVID-19 operational changes.

This hour-long education session covering small package and less-than-truckload transportation expense will educate you on understanding what to look for right now in your current contracts and carrier invoices to reduce operational expense and best position your company’s logistics & supply chain plan process for 2021.

This session will provide guidance around:

  • How to know your LTL and parcel data like the carriers do from a cost perspective
  • How to leverage benchmarking when talking with your transportation providers
  • Common contract components that work against you
  • The top three areas for contract improvement now
  • Best practices for leveraging competition to choose the right carrier & right lane
  • Carrier compliance of service and rate auditing opportunities
  • When to single source or dual source national parcel carriers or look to regional parcel carriers to improve operations and expense containment



Top Three Areas for LTL and Parcel Contract Expense Improvement Now: What Manufacturers and Distributors Need to Know (webinar)
Tuesday, November 10th
2:00pm to 3:00pm


About our Speakers

Chris Franzen is the Vice President of Operations and Sales for Broussard Logistics a logistics consulting and technology company in Houston, TX that help shippers optimize their supply chains.  

Chris has served over three decades in both sales and operations at an executive level in the transportation industry with specializations in Parcel, LTL, Truckload, TMS and financial services in relation to transportation & logistics.

He is a highly rated speaker and author at Parcel Forum and Parcel Forum Magazine, along with other industry conferences and publications.

He has also served as Chairman of Houston Community College Advisory Committee- Department of Supply Chain and Logistics.


Dave Sullivan is Vice President of Professional Services at Shipware. Dave has worked in logistics for 18 years with the past 12 years dedicated to the support of manufacturers, distributors and ecommerce companies with parcel carrier pricing analysis, negotiation, and targeted optimization to support long term profitability and growth. Dave leads the professional services team of recently former senior pricing and revenue management analysts who joined Shipware directly from national parcel carriers, working with FedEx, UPS, DHL and the United States Post Office.

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