Officers & Board of Directors

  • Ed Latson

    Ed Latson

    Executive Director
    Director, TMAC

  • Robb Misso

    Robb Misso

    Chairman of the Board
    CEO, Dynamic Manufacturing Solutions

  • Walt Barkalow

    Walt Barkalow

    Chairman Elect
    Director of Manufacturing, TASUS Corporation

  • Kevin Fincher

    Kevin Fincher

    CPA, Padgett Stratemann

  • DJ Lewis

    DJ Lewis

    Senior Vice President, Business Bank of Texas

  • Mark Avery

    Mark Avery

    Attorney at Law, Hajjar Peters, LLP

  • Bill Rafferty

    Bill Rafferty

    Director, Southwest Research Institute

  • Linda Naselli

    Linda Naselli

    CFO, Michael Angelo Foods

  • Mark Hunter

    Mark Hunter

    Sr. Director of Global SupplyChain, Luminex

  • Tom Lonsdale

    Tom Lonsdale

    CEO, Cypress Industries

  • Chris Magnella

    Chris Magnella

    Director of Operations, NXP

  • Dave Schneider

    Dave Schneider

    Director of Facility Operations, Samsung

  • Stephanie Boone

    Stephanie Boone

    CEO/Founder, Wondercide

  • Nick Swerdferger

    Nick Swerdferger

    Chief Operations Officer, Buildasign

  • Mike Tipps

    Mike Tipps

    Co-founder, Oxford Commercial

  • Debra Dresser

    Debra Dresser

    Sr. Director of Operations, Xplore Technology